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SilverLight Aviation offers many services to get you flying right! To add even more convenience to your experience with SilverLight Aviation, we have just launched a comprehensive aviation web store which brings top-quality light sport equipment (everything from propellers and avionics to custom-made parachutes and airbags for your aircraft!) together with professional CFI guided flight training.

SilverLight Aviation provides quality airplane, gyroplane and trike flight instruction with the highest regard for professionalism and safety. Whether you want to learn to fly a trike, gyroplane or fixed wing aircraft - or if you are interested in purchasing an aircraft - we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to guide you through this experience to make the right choices and avoid expensive mistakes. Sport Pilot Weight Shift Control training and Proficiency Checkrides are available. Please contact the SilverLight Aviation team to schedule your flight training.

We sell fixed wing, gyroplanes and weight shift control Light Sport Aircraft that are airworthied under the Sport Pilot Rule. These are the best aircraft in their respective classes, each with its own unique feature set and strengths, which covers the entire spectrum of sport flying. Please look at the Aircraft section to get more information about these wonderful flying machines and contact us with any of your questions. We are excited to help you start your next adventure!