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Only $67500.00 with Rotax 912UL - 80 HP

$69950 with Rotax 912ULS - 100 HP (recommended option)

The Apollo LSA from Apollo Aircraft is a Light Sport Aircraft that complies truly with the ASTM consensus standard set forth for design, performance and continued airworthiness.

Feature Other LSA Apollo LSA
Great Visibility Yes Yes
Differential Braking No Yes
BRS (Whole Aircraft Parachute) $5000 option $5000 option
Two-toned Paint Scheme $1400 option $750 option
Aircraft Wire Used Not necessarily Yes
Night VFR Option Not possible Yes
Color Glass EFIS Option possible Not Offered Offered
Ground adjustable prop Not offered Sensenich composite prop is ground adjustable in 10 minutes
2-axis auto-pilot Not offered $3500 option

Key differentiators of the Apollo LSA

  • Factory built, completed and test-flown per ASTM LSA requirements
  • Flies with much less use of rudder pedals than other renditions of the Avid Flyer / Fox design in LSA. We have worked hard to make this change!
  • Night VFR flights possible with properly equipped airplane for private and higher pilots
  • Aircraft grade tefzel wiring harness with push-pull circuit breakers to isolate everything
  • Quick-fold wings fold in about 10 to 12 minutes with simple tools by one person
  • One piece turtle deck means no water leakage into that area unlike other model renditions
  • AN hardware on all exposed structural componentsm with some metric hardware in engine compartment, etc., for easier access to better hardware
  • High visibility with heavy-duty, clear lexan gull doors, cockpit top and skylights
  • Sensinich composite prop with nickel leading edge protection, made for Rotax 912 Series Engines
  • Intuitive tube and fabric construction that is familiar to most mechanics
  • Great performance and docile handling with light pressure, yet positive
  • Optional 2-axis auto-pilot available at a great price